Samsung Rogue Digitizers

Digitizers are thin, clear films positioned above the display on your touch screen. Each digitizer is comprised of two thin conductive films separated by a non-conductive film and when pressure is applied, a circuit is completed telling your gadget where you have just touched the screen.

On occasion these must be replaced for many reasons. You can save money by replacing it yourself and with eBay being one of the largest, most trusted online shopping sites in the world, you can normally find KW for prices way lower than you can locally. This site is authorized by eBay to help you find the digitizer you need for the lowest cost.


If you believe you may need to replace the touchscreen digitizer in your mobile, smartphone, iPhone, iPad, PDA, tablet or even monitor, then you came to the right place. Right here you can find digitizers for almost any touch screen product that you have. We have extensively grouped this website for your convenience, so that it's simple to understand and find precisely what you may be looking for.

A few of the signs and symptoms involving digitizer problems that you should be looking for

  • Your touch screen does not respond as you touch it.
  • Some tiny or particular areas of your touch screen do not seem to respond as you touch them.
  • Your touchscreen is slow to respond whenever you touch it.
  • When you touch some regions of the touch screen you get an incorrect response or inconsistent behavior.
  • Sometimes some of your programs randomly open.

Some of these symptoms most likely suggest that you may have a bad digitizer.

It's usually from your unit being dropped or hit against a hard surface. The result of which is generally a cracked or broken screen which inturn damages the digitizer.

With that said, occasionally the digitizer simply goes bad on its own.

It doesn't matter what the cause is, the digitizer must be replaced.

No need to become overly concerned because the procedure isn't so complicated that almost any person with even the most basic of mechanical abilities is capable of doing this. You just require the appropriate equipment and tools. That’s what we are here for, to help you find the correct equipment and kits for your unit.

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